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Creating a Better Future for the NorthShore

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What is Vibrant Two Harbors?

Vibrant Two Harbors is an initiative brought together by Two Harbors Mayor  Chris Swanson, local community members, and Billionaire Mr. O. Together these individuals have created a vision to bring the city of Two Harbors Minnesota to new heights turning it into one of the destination cities in the midwest.

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What Have We Done?

Vibrant Two Harbors has been working behind the scenes for three years planning and setting the foundation. In that time we have successful opened three top-tier establishments that are putting Two Harbors on the map. Now we want to take this into overdrive turning Two Harbors into THE NorthShore destination. VTH team has created a 10-year plan that involves a complete renovation of downtown Two Harbors, the creation of multiple shopping districts, and some other massive projects that will blow visitors away. 

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Want to Learn More?

Vibrant Two Harbors is currently looking for investors to join on their vision to make Two Harbors THE tourist city of Minnesota. Our 10-year plan is (insert word like determined) to give high yields for early investors. Help make a real impact in improving a historic town. Set up a free investment 15 minute meeting with Two Harbors Mayor Swanson to learn more: 

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