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Vibrant Two Harbor's Finished Projects

This is only the beginning, With the help of investors, Two Harbors can become one of the biggest tourist cities in Minnesota and eventually the Midwest. Our 15-year plan includes ____ , _____ , and much much more.

Interested in learning more about this project and how you can get involved? Set up a free investment meeting today by clicking the button below.


Opened June 2021

Burlington Station

Burlington Station is the perfect place to add to your North Shore trip agenda! From trains to sweet treats, there is something that every member of the family can enjoy!  

Opened June 2021

Callie's Sweets

Handmade candy store located right on the North Shore. Callie's Sweets offers handmade fudge, popcorn, and more. Offers both in-store sales and e-commerce.


Opened June 2018

Lou's Fish House

Lou's fish house was the first __________

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