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Woods with Fog

Two Harbors, A Thriving Shore City

Two Harbors is a city nestled on the Minnesota North Shore. This bustling small town was one of the crucial part of the Minnesota Iron Industry and offers a wide variety of beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and water activities for visitors.  

Located on the Shores of
Lake Superior 

Located in one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the midwest Two Harbors offers beautiful views, clean air, and miles of hiking for any that come visit. No matter where you walk Two Harbors offers fantastic views of the largest of the great lakes.

NorthShore Recently Showcased as a Climate Refuge

A recent study out of Harvard indicated that due to the massive fresh water intake that Lake Superior offers growth in our area will be unprecedented in the next 30 years. Jump onboard early with some of the best real estate money can buy with our VTH project.

Over 2 Million Cars Pass through Two Harbors every Year

Currently, more than 2 million cars come through two harbors city limits as they travel up and down the shore. Our plan is to capture this audience and create THE stopping point for those traveling up the shore.

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